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We're Riot Squad Media and we are thrilled to announce that after a victorious third year, Camp Punksylvania will return July 5-7, 2024 at West End in Gilbert, PA.

Camp Punksylvania is a 3 day music and camping festival with an emphasis on local/regional music as well as mental health, human rights and equality.


For us, unity is everything and we love being together with our fellow punk rockers. The great music, camping, bonfires and more are just really great perks. Our DIY ethos and passion for the punk community, mixed with our versatile skills fueled this operation back in 2019. After a pandemic and some other obstacles, we are proud to say we aren't going anywhere.

We are pleased to be partnering with Punk Rock Saves Lives again, a phenomenal nonprofit organization focusing on mental health initiatives, bone marrow registration, equal rights and so much more for Camp Punksylvania 2024. Together, our mission is to bring the community together through music & arts, as well as gather registrations and raise awareness for everything Punk Rock Saves Lives has to offer while providing a fun, safe environment for all.

Camp Punksylvania

THE FIRST YEARS: 2021 & 2022

Camp Punksylvania

The very first Camp Punksylvania took place in September of 2021 at Four Quarters in Artemas, Pennsylvania. With 23 bands on the lineup spread over 3 days, Camp Punksylvania saw just over 300 weekend campers, as well as about 100 single day ticket holders each day. After a successful first year under our belt, we decided moving to The Electric City for 2022 was the best thing for us.

Over 40 bands took to the three different stages at Camp Punx 2022. With about 500 weekend attendees and 200-250 additional single day tickets,  Scranton was crawling with happy punks for a September weekend. Camp Punx more than doubled in size in just 12 short months. Hotels had no vacancies and local stores saw nonstop business and spikes in sales. The Circle Drive-In was filled with bands, vendors & attendees exploring the grounds, participating in group activities & enjoying music and each other all weekend long.

Camp Punksylvania


Once again, NEPA was covered in studs and spikes for 3 days in September 2023. Camp Punx more than doubled in size yet again. Camp Punksylvania hosted approximately 1200 weekend attendees in 2023, with an additional 500-750 in single day attendees. As an all ages event, Camp Punksylvania's attendees ranged from 9 months old to senior citizens rocking out in their battle vests. Northeastern PA was crawling with happy punks from all over the world, once again causing hotels to have no vacancies & non-stop sales at local stores, boosting the local economy for the second year in a row.

Camp Punksylvania

Sponsoring Camp Punksylvania provides a unique advertising opportunity for your business/organization and emphasizes your support for music and arts. Getting your product in the hands and sights of attendees gives you the ability to bring in all sorts of new customers from one event. Being an intimate festival, Camp Punksylvania provides a unique networking experience for your business, as you can connect with your new customers in person and strengthen your relationships with existing ones.


We have several different sponsorship packages with valuable assets within each. We are also open to discussing potential partnerships and other sponsorship arrangements for this event.



At Camp Punksylvania, the music is what unites us all. 

Because of this, we make sure our staging and production are top notch.

Most funds will go directly toward production expenses. 

Venue expenses, bands, permits, insurance and more will also benefit greatly from sponsorships and contributions.​


Camp Punksylvania

“It wasn’t the first year’s festival that made me see its future, it was meeting the Riot Squad Media crew and seeing how this was so much more for them. The fact we drove there to just play a show thinking it was just like any other show and gaining some of the best friends we could ever ask for made it so much more than a gig. You always hear people call the things they do their “passion projects,” but Riot Squad are the first people I met that really consider this their lives and give everything they have to it. That’s unheard of in this world and 100 percent of the reason I know this festival is going to become a legendary piece of history.”

- Kyle Johnson, drummer of Fat Chance and Audio Engineer at Matt Kester Productions

"Camp Punksylvania is an immersive experience that gives attendees of the festival actual opportunities to do good. It is rare in this age that a festival makes it a point to give back and highlight those efforts. One of the biggest reasons we are coming back to Camp Punksylvania 2022 is the community they have been cultivating. Their community embraced us immediately when we were onsite. So much so, we were lucky to gain crucial ​volunteers and connections from Camp 2021. One volunteer in particular has volunteered 4 times in 4 different states with us and played at one of our fundraising events. We would love our engagement to continue to grow with the attendees of this festival as it grows." 

                           - Tina Rushing, Director of Operations, Punk Rock Saves Lives

Camp Punksylvania


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