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Collect stamps as you complete fun tasks to win

rad prizes & make the most of Camp!


Must have photo or video uploaded to Instagram,

Facebook and/or TikTok.

Must use #camppunksylvania AND #camppunx2023

Head to any STAMP location to collect your stamps.

Tasks with an * do not require social media and get an extra point for posting to socials.

Tasks with a ** get an additional point.


50 pts: Scout Sticker

100 pts: Official poster

175 pts: T-Shirt

225 pts: Skate deck

300+ pts: A pair of passes to Camp Punksylvania 2024!


Official Merch Booth

DIY Station at Activities Tent

Stupid Rad Merch Co.

Punk Rock Saves Lives

Chatty Monks

My Weird Shears

WaxPax Records

Any Black Badge Staff Member


1. Welcome to Camp! Head to the Official Merch

Booth for a stamp!*


2. Grab a setlist from Coffee With Lions! There's only 5! Come

show us at STAMP location.*


3. Find someone with a mohawk and take a pic with them!


4. Grab a setlist from Teen Mortgage! There's only 7!

Come show us at a STAMP location.*


5. Snag some merch from a Sampler Stage band. A pin, sticker, anything! Come show us what you've got when you're done!*


6. Grab a setlist from Black Guy Fawkes & the Co-Conspirators!

There's only 4! Come show us at a STAMP location!*


7. Take a pic of a passed out punk. Look

around, you'll see em.


8. Grab a setlist from Fat Chance!

There's only 10! Come show us at a

STAMP location*


9. Draw a pretty picture in sidewalk

chalk at the Activities tent.*


10. Grab a setlist from Stop the Presses!

There's only 12! Come show us at a STAMP location.*


11. Attend the Coffee & Crafts event Sunday Morning at the Activities Tent.


12. Grab a setlist from Condition Oakland! There's only 5! Come show us at our merch

table so we can give you your stamp.*


13. Make yourself a custom button at the Activities Tent.


14. Grab a setlist from Doc Rotten! There's only 13!

Come show us at our merch table so we can give you your stamp.*


15. Make 2 friendship bracelets at the Activities tent. Give one to someone you met this weekend!*


16. Grab a setlist from Froggy! There's only 6! Come show us at our merch table so we can

give you your stamp.*


17. Ride the Ferris Wheel!


18. Get a setlist from Sweet Anne Marie! There's only 5! Come show us at our merch table so we can give you your stamp.*


1. Head to the Stupid Rad Merch Co. booth and play a round on the Plinko Board.*


2. Shotgun a Liquid Death. Video or it didn't happen!


3. Purchase a copy of Comp Punksylvania on vinyl!


4. Go to Chatty Monk's Brew Garden. Post your fave brew!


5. Take a video of a mosh pit!


6. Catch Andrew & Austin at the Sampler Stage at 4pm on Sunday and post a video. Be sure to tag The What Nows?!


7. Find RIOT SQUAD'S WAXY THE WAFFLE squish at the WaxPax Records booth.


8. Do Open Mic at the Fire Stage and show us what ya got.**


9. Catch one of the Head Bitches In Charge (Laura, Vero & Terry) happy crying. TIP: Check the side of the stage or right in the pit.


10. Find Burger the dog and take a pic with her.* TIP: she's probably at our merch

table or in Laura's golf cart.


11. Play a carnival game with a friend in between sets.


12. Recycle your cans & bottles!*


13. Take a pic with the Camp Punx Marquee by the Box Office


14. Find Walter the Service Pup (at the PRSL booth) and take a picture

with him. He loves scritches!**


15. Show us your most creative Camp setup.


16. Snap a pic with a band at the Meat & Greets.


17. Buy a charity patch from My Weird Shears.*


18. Take a pic with Simeon and something rad you picked up at the Stupid Rad booth.


1. Register to become a bone marrow donor at the PRSL booth.**


2. Purchase 2 records from any of the vendors. Take a pic with them.


3. Do 5 rounds on the Gumball Machine at our Merch Booth.


4. Find the RIOT SQUAD’S CHIP THE COOKIE squish in Misfits Market.


5. Find a Black Badge Camp Counselor & take a pic with them. Good luck,

these mofos are BUSY.**


6. Get a CAMP SKULLY tattoo. Tattoo Punks and Beneath the Skin Tattoo

are on site all weekend!**


7. Find the RIOT SQUAD GLIZZY squish in Chatty Monks Beer Garden.


8. Get more than 100 likes on a pic you've taken at Camp. Prove it with a screenshot!


9. Find the RIOT SQUAD CORNDOGGIE squish in the Skullyland.


10. Find the RIOT SQUAD TASTY BUNZ squish in Skullyland.


11. Find the RIOT SQUAD SHERMAN THE S'MORE near the Fire Stage.


12. Have a cookout with your neighbors.


13. Find the RIOT SQUAD PATRICIA PIZZA squish in Circle Concessions


14. Catch Joel DeJesus in a crop top and take a pic with him.**


15. Take a pic with MC Hyser of Skid Row Garage. TIP: You can find him side stage or at the

Skid Row Garage booth!


16. WOMEN OF THE PIT! Take a pic or video of a femme-powered mosh pit.

Bonus points if YOU start it.**


17. Catch a video of Working Class Stiffs playing Manthem at the Main Stage.

You're not gonna want to miss it.


18. Find the RIOT SQUAD DONUT squish in Misfits Market.

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