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Ahhhh! HELP!!!

I have plans to camp with a friend who already purchased their campsite, but I see camping passes are sold out. What do I do?!

Ya snooze, ya lose! 

Just kidding. 

Don't worry, we can help you out! 

Now, this process isn't hard, but it does take a second. We need to get some information from you and your fellow camper, ya know...just to make sure you really ARE camping with them.

We'll check out the existing campsite and see exactly how many spots are available within. We will then send you a link to purchase your passes and camp alongside your friend.


Each campsite allows up to 4 campers total. 

Camper's Cove lots are roughly 10x15 (tents only, no vehicles)

Car camping lots are 20x20.

RV/Trailer lots are 20x40.

If your friend has a "Car Camping Add-On," that means only ONE car per campsite. Any other vehicles must stay in the parking lot after you unload for the duration of the event. Same goes for RV lots.

Arriving together will make your lives a hell of a lot easier.

You can BYOB/food as well as purchase on or off-site.

Parking passes are available for extra vehicles. 

Your Name*

Email Address*

Current campsite holder's name*

Campsite holder's ID number*

How many campers are you looking to add?*

Any questions for us in the mean time?

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